Wednesday, 11 June 2008

GWT Login applet

Thanks to my colleque from one of my previous work places I found out that the company I used to work for (NCDC) has recently open sourced a very nice GWT module. The module is very similar to gdm start up screen where you can select a user from a list and then you enter the password and voila you are logged in. This module has been released under Apache license so you can use it in a commercial project.

I am experimenting with this module because it is a perfect fundation for a set of GWT projects that I am expected to deliver for Shopzilla Europe in the next couple of months. In fact, I was thinking of writing something like that myself! I would probably struggle to convience my manager or a product manager though. Thanks NCDC chaps! In case of my application the major focus is to make sure it works with our Active Directory LDAP server, because our users hate to have different logins and passwords for different applications. This module (ncdc-web-login) does not provide LDAP authentication but I was told that there are plans to open source services like that as part of this or a different project. A really nice bell and whistle is that the widet (GWT module) supports avatars from LDAP server based on photo thumbnails! awesome!

Address to the project:


Franck said...

I've try to use it but unfortunately, it seems some jars import are missing since DictionaryWrapper does not exist. Project wiki don't say anything about this issue. Help would be appreciate.

Idaho House said...

Whats up with the DictionaryWrapper.
I would have hoped stuff posted to Google code was to assure that it builds.