Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Eros is evil in disguise

Eckart Tolle wrote in a book - New Earth that evil lies in subconsciousness, many horrible things that we do or say are because we do not manage in time to filter by our conciousness the evil [bad] coming from within the involuntary subconsciousness. In fact one of the traits of smart people is ability to filter sublime evil. One has to pay attention to words and actions very much. People that lack in intelligence and manners or are rash often speak what they think and the devil shows in it's "glory".

Having read a great book - Love is a Story it is clearly stated in that book that loving is a subconscious process and author proves that in about 350 pages. We cannot just say - I love somebody when we feel like to. We can draw a conclusion that love is also evil in disguise, we know it not only from history of many break ups, loneliness felt in relationships, family violence and often from own experience as well. We have all tried it but not all may realize complexity of interactions in brain when we do have feelings, complexities of our subconsciousness.

The solution is when you think of relationship as much as a friendship as possible, when both people do that, there is some hope. That kind of loving style is called - storge.

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