Sunday, 11 May 2008

ESBs and Mule

At work I am creating one application and I am considering to use ESB in future. I am not sure if it is going to be a sensible approach to the problem I am trying to resolve. I was looking the other day on amazon Mule 2.0 book is going to be published soon. There are lots of books on ESBs and I have number of them but they are very generic, talk about message routing, message exchange patterns. ESBs might be a level of complication which we might not need so I will try to establish that. KISS principle will be a driving force but too much KISS also limits as well so it is a balance thing.

The reason I consider Mule is that I think we can free users from "pointless clicking" by automating data exchange between applications. The trick is that I still need to build few applications before I can start thinking about automating data exchange between them. The idea is that every application will have a user interface so that a human being can interrupt process and fix it but in addition every application will have an automated interface for internal inter-application data exchange. I must admit that one problem is also to decide on granuality of applications and services, which ones should be deployed in separate processes and which services should be part of the same application.

The other problem is that some changes might require cooperation with US and them exposing some services via REST or SOAP and they have different set of priorities so to sync all of this might be a challange.

I have seen number of presentation from about Mule and ESBs in investment banking and I think I understand more about how it works. We have specific requirements in which we have lots of data exchange (huge files) so not every solution might work out.

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