Friday, 9 May 2008

JMX and JManage

Since I joined Shopzilla I have been developing one application. As most applications this application has two parts, one is core and one is web application. I wanted to deliver something that is usable as quickly as possible for users. Users are in fact employees of the company so it could be quick and dirty but not much. Users I deal with don't like command like applications and don't have skills to install things like java, python, perl or ruby.

I found a brilliant solution, which has proven to be the right so far. It is JMX. JMX is bit techy but a lot boils down to a frontent application. One is limited in certain way, user interface cannot be as sophisticated as it could be if everything was developed from scratch but the speed at which you can deliver something that works is exceptional.

I have delivered a core and an useable graphical applications after 3 weeks of working. This already provides a business value and Shopzilla is able to monetize on that!

I recommend JManage to everyone it is also brilliant for monitoring of production applications (it was designed to be just that) but can be used for internal applications as user interface is really appealing.

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