Sunday, 5 April 2009

Evolution and the Bible

Even before watching an excellent program on BBC Two titled: Did Darwin kill God I did think about exactly the same thing. In fact I could create this program :)

I believe that the biblical God does not have to compete with the theory of evolution. In fact in this war both camps are right. That is why wars and disagreements are futile. At the end of the day you both agree in large part. It is communication that is the problem. Pure evolution lacks moral standards, law, Bible provides moral standards. We need that to know what is good or bad. As with slavery some things that were once approved can change and become illegal and morally wrong. Slaves did fight for themselves. Humans are not cows, we change and evolve all the time. It is a good thing. One has to be reflective to ponder over things like that. Yet, over-relection is bad as well. That is why I am a Software Engineer :) I would think too much if I was a philosopher! In adition, philosophy doesn't produce anything other than ideas. In Software Engineering, target product is very tangible. What an excellent career decision! Good on me!

I especially like Philo and St. Augustine views that the Bible has to be read in a methaphorical way. Many things in a methaphorical way can be applied many years after the Bible has been written. It is also interesting to know that the Bible has contradictions. In the program they gave an example Adam that was conceived before or after plants were created. If many people wrote it, it is not a surprise they couldn't sync up the same version. Yet, maybe the God had no other way to communicate with us other than through other people.

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