Saturday, 21 March 2009

Gods, Eclipse, linking, playing games, (reality or virtual reality) and morality

As my health restores through blue, green, tiny bit of red and yellow I naturally start to think about work. You see IBM and SUN compete with each other. It is natural, businesses have to compete to survive. That is how economy works and I don't have to explain that. Some time ago, IBM started to develop project called eclipse (, which is a development environment (IDE) that I use on a daily basis. I am a java developer so it is very natural to use eclipse. Now java has been invented by SUN Microsystems but remember IBM competes with them... I hate competition, I mean a little bit of it is nice but I do not like it. In fact, because I play ping pong (which happens to be the best training for your brain - I.Q. wise) at work with my colleagues I am starting to think to bring back some of the old rituals such as hand shaking before a match. I think bowing might be a little bit too much but hand shaking, why not? I think we get a little bit too competitive at work and that really doesn't please me. Competition is stressful and unpleasant and I resent! Alas, I feel during ping-pong we do compete too much.

I have a friend in Poland, that by the way taught me a lot of philosophy and science (morisil - Kazimierz Pogoda), you see he wrote a very long article about Eclipse. As Tim Berners-Lee says in one of his last speeches at linking is very important these days. It is linking between ideas but also information on world-wide-web. If you like the idea, please listen to:

Morisil, my friend, won an award from eclipse for one of the best articles on eclipse Ganymede! So this is really cool, if people at IBM find it useful. You can read more about eclipse (with nice references to philosophy) on

You see the reason I like this article so much is because it is a nice link between philosophy and science. The fact that one can cooperate with another rather than compete with another. This is exactly what was a cornerstone of a very famous novel - Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Science can cooperate with God, rather than fight with each other. This is exactly what my plan is, to link science and the God. Mind you, the God sometimes fools us through devil, therefore we should always test our hunches. Test them to see if they are meaningful and most importantly real.

Testing your hunches is a topic that a talk by Dan Ariely - why we think it is ok to cheat and steal (sometimes):

Morisil's article It is an excellent article and only tells me how much I have to learn about philosophy moving forward and how tiny is my ego now, when I am overwhelmed with knowledge. I did not study philosophy so that this didn't help. I am more of an amateur and philosophizer wanna-be. I mean at least I don't know the history of philosophy, which is not equal to the fact that I don't like to reflect from time to time. Reflections in philosophy can cause redirect loop, so you start restarting yourself. It reminds me of universe. Did you know that apparently when we travel ahead through space eventually we will end up from where we came from? I believe that but I cannot prove it. How can one test that?

Well you see, we had a talk with morisil once about what they think should be the future of capitalism. Morisil together with her wife (Pacyfka) think that Scandinavian countries are the future together with their way of thinking. New Wave of thinking. It is human and love that are more important rather than capital. In the US, there is bling-bling in Scandinavian countries there is human-bing or human-being (almost the same). US might eventually catch up. Time will tell. UK is a nice balance now.

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