Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Why inheritances suck and why stumbling is important part of our lifes?

Strange title you might think. Everyone wants to have money, right? It would be so nice to inherit a couple of million of dollars, wouldn't. Well, yes and know. The problem is that it is actually confirmed that a lot of rich people do not find happiness in their life's. Why is that? I have been thinking about this and I think this is because they might not have clear goals or incentives in their life's. They might not know how to enrich themselves, to become better. When we give food to the needy person, it is a needy that is happy but actually we are more happy than a needy! Then again a needy might spit us in a face but we still should be happy. It sounds insane and yes not many people would be able to smile back to a needy person after they got a spit all over their face! Would I? I don't know but I would try!

I find my life to be truly happy because when I stumble I feel my knee hurts and then I can get up and walk again. How can a rich person stumble? I am sure there are many ways to stumble but it is just harder to stumble when you are rich. You might not stumble because you feel that there is always a safety net in terms of your money to hold you. A lot if not everything is in our mind. There are people that are able to walk on a hot chalk, swallow knives and lie on spikes without hurting themselves. I don't know how to do any of these things but these people only prove how truly magnificent mind can be as a controlling mechanism for our own fears. Some people will use that against other people but that is evil and eventually will bite you in the ass :)

Some people are with each other for sex, that is nice but I feel more people are or should be because they want to help the other person when that person stumbles, they will hold them and let them regain balance once again. You might stumble as well, it would be nice if there was someone to hold you! It all might be Utopian but I much prefer to live for Utopian ideas than for a brutal reality. I think in a sense we all do, once we become adults we loose some of our childhood dreams, they are all replaced by cruel and merciless reality.

In a nutshell stumbling is important, it lets you think and change your priorities in your life. We change all the time, our priorities change all time. Two steps ahead, one step back. A step back is reflective step it is another way of slowing down, because you move to fast! Life is all about the balance, moving too fast on a highway is dangerous, moving too fast in life is dangerous as well. So I am not rich right but that is actually good because I can find my happiness in my way through the life. We all have dreams, some of them money can buy, some of them money won't buy. IMHO one of them is happiness, at least for me happiness is in the way, in stumbling and getting up. I wish all of you to find happiness in stumbling!

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