Saturday, 21 March 2009

Cod, Insomnia, linking and Hurley Model

Can you imagine falling in love in an idea? Well, we do it all the time, mothers want babies, fathers want babies ... a little bit less (blame credit crunch). We all want something. We fall in love in an idea of something or someone. Yet, this is our perception and perception can be deceived. An idea always needs to be tested in reality. As some of you might know I am an amateur philosopher and a scientist (Software Engineer). You see, when you fall in love in an idea of a person it is like your fall in love in yourself. That person is a reflection of who you want to be. This is narcissism. We see things we don't have and we yearn for them. For me cod is yellow (and probably only for me), water is blue. For me yellow is creativity. I yearn to creativity (although other colours are soo uber cool as well). A Cod is in a water, right. Cod years to water, yet does water yearn to the cod? Water is there, it is calm. Yet, would water make any sense on this planet if it wasn't for animals that are in it? It would be useless. It's existence would be meaningless. I would like my existence to be as meaningful as possible. Yet, cods are often moving too fast. If they swim all day, work all the time, this can cause cod's insomnia. Cods are creative and have lots of ideas but...they are also very fast. Insomnia is very serious and in case of humans can lead to many messy things. Well, you might think why am I talking about insomnia suddenly? Well, you see somebody I know stays almost all night and works, now this can be truly exhausting and can cause serious issues. So this is the reason water is good for cod, it can cool cod down and most importantly tell cod to slow down.

In addition, please listen to an excellent Philosopher Dan Dennet about notions and ideas and linking things together (like poets and philosophers do), it is absolutely hilarious and only proves that not all philosophers are boring and their brain is malfunctioning. They are just soo uber clever!

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