Saturday, 21 March 2009

God, a cow and moral fiber

First of all, my definition of God -> anything that has not been scientifically explained, awaits scientific explanation but you see it happening in your life without understanding why. Pretty much like when you fall in love in someone and you cannot possibly imagine why this particular person.

What a cow and moral fiber have in common?

You see moral fiber means that you are able to keep your ideas even in difficult times. What if this is too difficult? Well, it is evolution isn't, leo, you, sedating gun and a real gun with real bullets. As I mentioned in one of my posts before I prefer MacGyver style (sedate if you can), in fact this is exactly why I became a vegetarian. If I don't have to kill (eating meat is supporting meat industry, demand drives supply) then I prefer to spare poor animals. This gets really deeply philosophical and not for this post, because some people argue that it is better to be born (and live) and be killed rather than not. I agree with that and don't but that will be in future. I will have a very long post soon on vegetarianism so I will cover that. Vegetarianism is green and green is a colour of healing. I need healing now. Nurse or rather nursing is all I want now. Nurses are your best friends when you are sick, well assuming they listened to Dan Ariel speech - why we think it is ok to cheat and steal on

If they didn't they should listen. Suffering should always be kept to minimal. That is the cornerstone of my thinking. Unless a nurse doesn't want to be your friend, then go to hell. Friends can be nurses and yet true friends don't even want money for nursing. Is it possible to have a true friend these days (true friend - a friend in sickness and in health) ?

You see there are two very nice sayings about a cow in Polish.

Polish: Krowa, która dużo ryczy mało mleka daje.
English: A cow that mooooos a lot doesn't give you milk.
Swedish: ? (I wish I knew that language)


Polish: Tylko krowa nie zmienia pogladów
English: Only a cow doesn't change opinions.
Swedish: ? (I wish I knew that language)

Who said I wasn't creative right? By very simple reconstruction and logical thinking we have:

Polish: "Krowa która nie zmienia pogladów, mało mleka daje"
English: A cow that doesn't change opinions will not give you milk.
Swedish: ? (I wish I knew that language)

This is a good test for you. If you have a friend or a boyfriend, girlfriend, check if they can change their opinion over time. If they do adjust to environmental factors, if they are reflective (but not over reflective) and at the same time their moral fiber changes only a little bit -> this is a good sign. Always analyze why they have altered their moral fiber, what was the root cause of that, this is essential. Did they do it because of selfish reasons, did they do it because of health reasons and if so why, did they alter their moral fiber for someone else and if so why?

Well I am not a cow, I do change over time, how can I change over time and still live with my moral fiber? Well moral fiber needs to adjust based on events. Unfortunately, in evolutionary sense I am more important than cods. Definitely not more important than the God but cods, definitely. I will spare cows, chickens, pigs and other cute animals (I love dogs, cats, dolphins - so clever) but I will be a bit cruel to cods. While cods ways are mysterious to me, to the God they are not mysterious at all. I am sorry for that! He is just a bit more clever than all of us.

I have seen Girl Next Door today, once again and I like what a Matthew said in that movie. He is happy to love a porn star as long as her name is Danielle. I wouldn't mind loving a porn star, well not just any porn star. In fact, that is exactly what Leaving Las Vegas movie was about. This is what moral fiber to me and Matthew from Girl Next Door. (Mateusz = Matthew). Love is the moral fiber. Isn't to all of us?

* Note for non Polish readers - Łaciate is a Polish milk.

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