Sunday, 15 March 2009


Old post entry thing (6th August 2006) but fixed english mistakes (remastered):


On the whole world every teddybear dreams of just one thing - being loved. Often teddybears are no longer needed by their owners, they just use them to cuddle them and then they abandon them. I wish every teddybear on the world to actually be truly loved! Teddybears love with a pure love, they don't try to manipulate their owners to gain their love, they just simply are. Teddybears think that pure love is enough that no one should manipulate in order to be loved. Teddybears think that loving is enough to be loved. Owners are often so malicious and cunningly they will say, oh teddybear do you love me and teddybears says, sure of course I love you. But owners want a teddybear to love them only if it makes them happy. They don't think about teddybear feelings. Fox from Little Price said: "we are always responsible for what we tame" and yet owners often don't know that. We have to be very smart to love in such a NON selfish way.

Teddybears are very symbolic. The symbol a girl's inability to control emotions or their innate need to posses things. No one can be fully possessed. Period. I like the movie A.I. Teddybear in that movie is quite symbolic.

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