Thursday, 19 March 2009

Cod's mysterious ways and Kalles Kaviar

On Kalles Kaviar, Cods it's mysterious ways, blue and yellow and many other things.

Have you seen the movie with Rowan Atkinson? Keeping Mum. He makes a mistake during a speech and says. Cods mysterious way! What he in fact is referring to are God's mysterious ways! Now this is really freaking me out.

Because I am a little bit sick and that might involve lack of OMEGA-3 compounds (heart or what?) I would like to try Kalles Kaviar. It is Swedish and as you know Sweds have lots of fish around them. It is not coincidental that suddenly out of nowhere I started to eat fish and became obsessed with Sweden! It is all about fish! Eating fish will restore my health, it already has. In future I want to check flaxseed oil, a vegetarian equivalent of OMEGA-3 but at this stage I don't want that. There is a jungle, there is leo and you, what do you do? I am a leo but I would take a Mac Gyver approach and try to sedate him but if he jumps to my throat? Well, I have to safe myself. Evolutionary rule number one: survival of your child (if you have one) and then you and your partner and then your family (parents, next of kin) is the most important. Career is important but never more than your health. How can you help your family if you are sick? Save yourself to save others.

I especially like that it is blue and yellow. While I tend to think I am multicolored. What an obsession with colours! My first name is blue (philosophy and science) and my complete opposite is yellow (creativity and witt). One of my famous quotes from Philosophy is "The meaning is differential not referential". In fact through reference we get to difference. This is how women and men are soo different and yet the same. One from Venus, one from Mars like in John Gray book. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. Blue and yellow? You see? It all makes sense.

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