Saturday, 26 September 2009

On extarverted women and how they test guy's patience and his wussiness level

Extraverted women. I mean how sick do I have to be to write this. First of all, what is the heck is an extraverted woman? Well, extavertism is not something mathematically defined, so it is hard to measure. It is not impossible though and there are psychological tests that measure it. I see it as energy to live. Do you take energy to live from people or from yourself. If you take from people, then you are extraverted, if you take it from yourself then you are introverted.

Today, on a bus I heard a conversation that a girl was beaten and she had to split with his boyfriend and she only did this because of her mother. There are guys that will play on emotions. I have been in this vicious circle once when I was in love as well. You tend to love in a sick way, the one that hurts you somehow. How many times did I hear this story about being beaten? Why girls choose sick guys like that? It is not a recent phenomen, it is a repeatable thing. Every generation seems to be making the same mistake over and over again. Now, why is it happenening? Then I started to think and don't get me started when I start to think... Recently I heard from one extraverted girl as well, that she likes guys that stop her from being too naughty and stops her from getting away with stuff. It is almost like some extraverted women (20-30) still have a little girl inside them. Notice that I say extraverted because introverted women do not behave in that way. That little girl inside an extraverted woman wants to be spanked and told off when she does bad things. It is not a surprise that some sickos loose temper so much that they start hitting her. This is how this works. Then she feels bad but because she is in love, through her emotions she will be unable to leave him (it would hurt too much). Needless to say there are some proper mechanisms to provide feedback but the strange thing is that they like to try guy's patience. If there is a guy, that could be referred to as wussy allows a girl to do what she wants, she will ignore him and eventually dump him. This is because a woman needs a confident guy, not some guy that will cry like a baby. She checks that confidence by testing him out. It makes perfect sence from evolutionary point of view. Who wants to be with a looser? They need protection. The problem is that it often makes a relationship akward and there is a constant struggle. Especially when an extraverted guy meets an extraverted woman... Extraverts tend to loose temper much quicker than introverts. This is actually quite depressing and I wish this didn't exist as a concept and I hope to be proven wrong. The whole view might be scewed, so forgive me this biased point of view. As with all things in human sciences certain people will agree certain one's won't. Psychology is a complex topic.

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