Monday, 19 October 2009

About Cats and Mice and love...

So what does cats and mice to do with love? Well they do quite a lot. The thing is that, cats are quite malicious, he/she will play with the mouse before killing her. Why is that? We were told that animals are cute and they kill only to eat and they don't take pleasure in doing so. Bollocks. They do. The only reasons some animals do not behave like humans is because they are not smart enough. To be vengeful you have to be smart enough. Shocking, ha. Well. Now let's imagine a human being is a cat and another human being is a mouse. Humans do kill each other and cause each other pain. There is nothing revolutionary about that. When do humans stop being nasty? This is when they love... Love is very merciful. So if you are a mouse and you get caught by a cat that does not love you --- run fast. If he/she does love you, well... then... you start to trust... but be careful love is not eternal. How do you know if a cat loves you? Well, see if he/she suffers when you suffer.

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