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Why to be with a yellowy girl you have to be a prick, liar and a dickhead and they like it without knowing about it

Why to be with a yellowy girl you have to be arrogant, liar and a dickhead and they like it without knowing why

Someone may ask a question, why do I keep blogging about this stuff. Well, this is because no one actually told me any of this when I was a child. It would have helped to explain certain behaviour of other people towards me. I had to study psychology and observe life and think and think and think...

The title is a bit ironic. You don’t have to lie and smart yellow girls [very few - sorry] usually settle in the long term for good boys but lying and deception is for them a very important part of seduction process that works. It really depends what they want, if they want commitment, they prefer blueish/greenish boys, if they want love games and have fun and lovers around, they much prefer naughty Red or Red/blue and Yellow/green boys.

Yellow girls/boys are the hardest to get in the long term actually, this is because they are the hardest to commit to anything serious for the long term. This is quite sexy and exciting. Now, yellow people as an anthropologist author Helen Fischer writes have somewhat biased moral system to their own needs. Everyone is egoistic but naturally they are more than let’s say moral blue people. That means they will often resort to lying to get something and have fewer moral problems about it. For instance, do you recall tv adverts, where a handsome guy is walking and then a girl accidentally falls so he can come to help her. This is a typical yellowish behaviour, where a lie is used to seduce a person. Lie is important in love games for yellowy people. Another example of yellowish behaviour is torture, also to seduce. Being sweet and horrible in short time intervals. It does not have to be done consciously - but can be done unconsciously and usually is. If for a yellow girl that is a normal behaviour, and sometimes morally justified in their own value system [when they play love games] - that means theoretically she should accept that behaviour towards her as means to seduce her. She often does but sometimes keeps moaning about it, she says: “all men are liars” but on other occasions she does, in fact, not lying is considered to be a failure. An example is when a guy tries to approach a girl and tells her she is beautiful and amazing and would like to have her phone number. That is a FAIL straight away. There is no game and game is the part of seduction process. If he asks for a way somewhere then it is ok. In fact, she should only accept those that don’t lie from the beginning because those innocent lies with turn into real lies in the future. That would also mean that everyone on streets would be asking for phone numbers and it is not socially acceptable. I am glad actually it is not in a way because one important part of relationships is a conscious commitment, therefore a person needs to consciously want to date when they are available.
It wouldn’t be bad if lies were only used for seduction purposes but the problem is that once someone has indeed biased moral system they tend to get confused and perhaps lie about issues they should not lie about. That leads us to another problem, the exploitation of victim’s complex by treating some person badly. Everyone has complexes, even the most amazing people so any person’s ego can be hurt and exploited.

Since evolutionary psychology works so much, we tend to love people that want us the least. This means that the best boy or a girl in our thinking process is the one that runs away from us the most. Needless to say, people are not together in such case or for a few moments only, mostly living separately. This only happens when we want them a lot, because otherwise we don’t care. It means that the best possible manipulation and exploitation can be done when people actually have very strong feelings, emotions and connection to each other. This is when the game CAN begin [does not have to]. The older people are the less they want to play games and want games to be played upon but some of them never stop actually. Why? Because it works, it hurts as well, so sadists often do that.
Sometimes you may spot a yellowish girl likes you is when she flirts with everyone, EXCEPT YOU. This is typical behaviour actually. It appears as though you are the least important but in fact you were the most. This is deception and yellow people resort to deception very often. The thing about deception is that one from another can only be differentiated by intuition and ability to read body language communication and tiny little messages. That is very hard and yellow people know it well. That is because they actually sometimes really mean they don’t care about you at all.

The former behaviour of flirting with everyone except you - is a TOTAL lie and as I said many times yellowy people are natural liars, it just comes to them naturally. That does not mean they lie all the time, it is just easy for them to be poker facing people and lying when they decide to do so. This comes to them easily because acting skills are in their nature, they are masters of their body language, unlike blue people that are unable to hide their emotions as well as yellowy people. Yellowy people are also very spontaneous, so they will lie without you knowing when. No chance to predict anything because there is no prediction, even they don’t know sometimes how they will act, they rarely plan it! Yellowy people make decisions in their life based on conscious and subconscious thinking. When it is subconscious I am starting to think that yellowy [explorers] may be perfect number generators. This is because this is a subconscious process. As a IT digression it is well known, however, that human conscious number generation process is not perfectly random.

In a relationship a yellowish woman can be unhappy in two ways actually:
1. she is with a guy she doesn’t fancy that much - that is good and kind to her and doesn’t want to play games with her,
2. she is with a guy that despises her, lies to her and treats her badly, potentially eventually cheating on her or dumping her,

Yellowish girl is more likely to choose no 1, when she doesn't have money and a child that needs to be brought up, provided that a guy is not a total wimp. She will most likely choose no 2, when she has no child and perhaps he will slit up with him after some time or for some other reasons this will finish. So in evolutionary psychology the goodness is not favoured anyhow. In society yes, we punish the cheaters and liars a lot [there is judicial system and social norms] but in evolutionary psychology they get a reward, naturally, provided that they are sexually attractive, know how to manipulate and are masters of their body language, etc. Their gens get passed to next generation. One example I remember is when one girl I know got confused and acted bitchy to me even though there was absolutely nothing between us. I disliked her totally. This was a FAIL for me straight away. I applied social norms because I didn’t idealize or like her or anything. Lady GAGA sings that yellowy girls should start playing games when “he is hooked up”. I wasn’t hooked up so she failed as well. She wouldn’t have failed if I trusted her and loved her. So now you understand why to trust a human being is so hard, it is the hardest between women and men. These things often work out in the longer term, so first, second or a third day may show signs of romantic equality. Very pretty and blissful moments to be honest, very deceptive. Eventually that equality is broken, either way.
The way to spot who someone really is when how they behave towards members of their family, this is because they don’t have to fight for their love, they will be who they are. Horrible things can be seen, like scolding, shouting and quarrelling, etc. Even that is not that simple, because in certain cultures it is socially acceptable to behave like this. In fact it is expected. I am thinking of Italian culture in particularly.

It is not hard to imagine why almost all romantic guys in Romantism have failed to seduce women - because they were too good and they could/did not want to play love games. They didn't know much about evolutionary psychology back then.

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