Thursday, 2 September 2010

Law of attraction and psychological colours

To follow up on my previous posts about orbiting planets around the sun, I will analyze orbiting colours further.

There seems to be a natural order of orbiting. Some of you may have seen the movie - “the secret”. I don’t quite like this movie because there is too much voodoo thinking there. I believe in science more, in fact I believe in a both of both but that is another thing. I try to explain as much as possible up to a point of unknown. The reason I believe in theory of colours so much is because it has scientific explanation on brain level and is explainable by various levels of testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

One thing I have observed over the years is that women and men are particularly attracted to certain type of women and men. While a lot has to do with the way a person looks like, a lot boils down to the psychology and what their combination of colours is. I noticed that both women and men like red and yellow types or blends, red + blue and yellow + green types. Green women and men are attracted to any other colour but with different intensity. I conclude that attraction moves from introversion to extroversion. That is why sometimes a yellow woman does not have to do anything, she automatically attracts all males and psychological types of males. She may think that law of attraction works but this is nothing else than attraction chemical attraction as well as general attraction. I am not sure whether yellow women are most genetically fit, but they certainly have the highest probability to carry a child. This is because of so many men are hitting to them, eventually one succeeds, pretty much like specimen and egg in nature. In fact, based on my studies I can conclude that a yellow woman has more probability to carry a child than a blue or green woman. I don’t know exact numbers. Evolution did protect blue/green men and women because differential colours have the highest probability to fall in love. Falling in love is up to certain point after which again natural desires kick in.

I can conclude based on what I have observed:

Green, Blue, Red and Yellow.

green desires blue, red, yellow.

blue desires red and yellow more than green.

red desires more yellow than blue and green.

yellow desires yellow more than red, blue and green.

Conclusions: yellow desires anything the least, thus women and men are the hardest to commit, green desires anything, therefore women and men are the easiest to commit to a relationship or a marriage. Commitment comes harder for men than women as well.

All colours desire yellow or red as long as they can connect with these colour spiritually, sexually anyhow really. Some men or women will reject a yellow/red girl or a boy because they cannot connect to that person. You can read more about connecting to colours in my other blog entry:

Desiring more does not mean that one cannot be in a relationship or in fact love the inferior colour to oneself. It just means that eventually when initial excitement passes, they will miss the qualities to which they lean to. They may suppress that missing by applying wisdom and understanding that relationship with every colour has similar advantages and disadvantages.

Both women and men can break the commitment and leave their partner to the colours they desire more. It is hard to be judgmental here, because in the end it yields more happiness for them not necessarily for the person they leave. It is gambling for them as well because the outcome is unknown. The person that is left is often shattered and with broken heart. Yellow and Red women and men tend to leave more often than Blue and Green, this is because they are naturally more egoistic and are willing to take more risks. They are often amoral as well, thus they don't think about the pain they inflict to the other person.

From that you can also conclude who needs whom more, who is chasing whom. It is not 100% correct as maybe there are exceptions and age and level of intelligence has to do a lot with it as well but is a good basis to think about.

So when you hear: “Let’s be friends or it is not you, it is me” it has often a lot to do with subconscious psychological desires and that colour based law of attraction, eventually in the end nothing else than evolutionary forces of nature.

So as a guy or a girl you believe in mercy of a women which you desire and they don’t desire you, e.g. you are green, she is red or you are blue and she is yellow, then think again. Wetter also desired Lotta and it didn’t work out for him.

What can you do about it? Very little I think, if people have similar intelligence, age and looks, there is little to help it. What you can do is when you are a guy and you are older, wealthier, prettier, you can somehow override natural leaning colour order. I don’t know for how long. Falling in love can help you as long as both people fall in love as well. Up to a point, where magic of drugs disappears. It varies and usually disappears quicker for red and yellow than for blue and green types. They have the highest probability to end the relationship first.

From my observation the longest relationships are based around soul mates or spiritual connection of some sort but even that does not override natural order.

Men tend to be more powerful than men because naturally they are more arrogant but emotionally men are not necessarily more powerful than women. They resort more to arrogance and/or cheating than being able to handle emotions as well as women. They may be as shattered or even more after a break up than women. Again psychological strength of colours in love is important to understand it.

Another mistake that both men and women do is idealisation of both yellow and red. They are the most egoistic colours out there and in case of yellow often amoral in case of red very cruel. Idealisation is only up to a point where one is blind and cannot think sensibly and didn’t get to know this person well enough. Disappointment has to come. Therefore, it is fair to assume that if both men and women lean towards those colours it is because sexual energy leans there not the assumption that they are good people. If that assumption is in place, it is a wrong assumption because assumption is the mother of all... romantic disasters.

If you think about it, the whole world is based around exploitation of some sort but also balance. Psychological innate colours are therefore in this world to provide balance. It is amazing if you think about it. It doesn’t mean relationships will be successful, oh no, not necessarily.

You may draw a conclusion that I despise yellow and red a lot, calling them often egoists, etc. They are capable to acts of altruism, often unsolicited. If it just that I think blue and green people tend to be more altruistic than yellow and red. Maybe I am wrong.

Last but not least, at the end free will overrides absolutely anything, as long as you are strong enough to fight your feelings for someone.


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