Sunday, 17 January 2010

Swimming Theory

Blue = colour of wisdom (introverted)
Green = colour of harmony and friendship (introverted)
Yellow = colour of smiling, happiness (extraverted)
Red = colour of action (extraverted)

It should occur between any human relations but obviously in partner relationships one perhaps should make more effort. The theory means that people should swim to other colours for that person. I call it swimming to each other [perhaps because I like swimming] :) but obviously it is a metaphor. It is rather mindset teleporting I would say. If you are a certain colour and your partner is opposite colour or adjacent colour, then by swimming to his/her primary colour you are able to connect with him or her in a better way. Obviously there are many ways to connect with a human being and the most effective and difficult one at the same time is a spiritual connection. For day to day relationships the best way to connect is to swim to someone's primary colour. For instance, if you are blue and the person is yellow, then smile for that person. If that person is yellow and they want to connect to you, the best way is surprisingly to be sad from time to time rather than laugh all the time without any apparent reason. Blue people do not like when people smile for no reason and for yellow people smile is so natural that it is like the default mode of operation. Then we can elaborate on it a bit, so if you are blue, you much prefer to write than to use voice communication, if you are yellow, then you much prefer voice and non-verbal communication as you are able to read more about that person using non-verbal channels. Therefore yellow people should write letters to blue people and blue people should call yellow people more often. That way two sides are continously doing something together to find a common connection. Another important thing is to find a matching colours, if I am blue and green [which is true by the way] and if someone is yellow and green, we connect on green colour. This means that colour of friendship and harmony is our common colour. When I am blue and green and I meet someone who is red and blue, then I can connect on blue with that person, which will mean that we will reflect and talk about intelectual topics [wisdom]. That does not mean I cannot smile and they cannot, that would be silly but what that mean it is that blue is connecting us therefore we can hold on to each other in that relationship based on that common colour.

Obviously human being are more complex than just one or two colours, they have different hobbies. Connecting and swimming based on someone's hobby can be finding what they are doing interesting, what turns them on. Needless to say, one should be honest about it. Being fake will be short term and through non-verbal channels they will detect that sooner or later.

People don't like when people swim to colours that are not their colours. For instance, if you are yellow you probably love to travel, if a blue person starts to talk about philosophy with you, this will put you off and you will be considered boring. If you want to travel as a yellow person with a blue person, they might not enjoy it as much as you think, second of all - since they are introverted and take energy from themselves rather than other people and places - the travelling might be exhausting for them.

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