Friday, 8 January 2010

You treat me like a princess

You treat me like a princess and I am not used to liking that.... - Alanis Morissette.

Alanis Morissette - Head Over Feet

It appears as though certain women do not want to be treated like princesses. Initially, I was really puzzled and did not understand this, now I understand a little bit more. It appears as though certain women - usually very popular and the ones that men fall for realize that men are often idealizing them and they themselves know that they are not perfect and they need to grow or be accepted the way they are [which often can be very hard for a guy]. They cannot grow next to a man that is idealizing them but only next to the one that sees their vices to be able to help to resolve some of them. No one wants to brag about their vices and weaknesses but smart people do realize that they are not perfect - no one is. Being not perfect does not mean that one cannot grow further. So in that sense treating like a princess thing means that a guy has to stop idealizing a woman - no matter how interesting she is but to see her advantages and vices. Obviously reminding someone every day of their vices is just horrible but being a friend [and it is basis of all relationships] in letting a woman grow next to a man is something certain women are looking for. Therefore, some of them will seek a challenging guy and a challenging guy is a guy that lets them grow next to them. The trick here is that some women end up with guys that indeed are challenging but at the same time despise them and treat them really badly or they end up with so called wussies, which means that they cannot grow next to a wussy because he is not challenging and idealizes that women too much. The problem with perfection is that it cannot be improved and some women seek constantly a way to improve themselves. Often they lack an inspiration or direction. I am not saying they are fools, far from it, everyone is able to be inspired by everyone. As a guy I have been inspired by many women, I think it is quite hard for a guy to be challenging and let a woman grow next to him and not slip into being an asshole. Perhaps it is possible then but perhaps not easy.

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