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The Quest For the Truth

Based on a few recent life experiences I can conclude there is no truth. It is not that we know what is good or bad at a particular moment in time. What initially appears to be bad may be a good act. Sounds bizarre - I know. The future unravels whether the bad act was a bad act initially and good for the future or it was just a bad act.

You should never believe when someone tells you that he/she knows the truth. Only God knows the truth and human beings are unable to predict the future in 100%, maybe 99% AT MOST. I would support a notion agreeing with philosopher Bennet that organism develop ability to predict the future based on life experiences.

There are many Gods, in Christian religion it is different than in, for instance, Hinduism, where there are many Gods and each of them serves a particular purpose. I am a spiritual person for sure and now I do lean more do Christian vision of the truth but even I cannot call it an absolute truth at this stage. Although many books will point to the Bible as the word of God and the absolute truth. The Bible has been written by humans and is probably the most accurate word of God known to human kind. In fact a book I have been reading online recently claims that if one doubts in Bible as the only source of the Truth that means Satan is speaking through them. That would mean there is Satan in me :(. However, what about all those religions that are not Christian? Are people that believe in them going to serve in heaven or reign in hell? We don't know, one Catholic priest once told me that they may go to heaven but it is hard to know what God will decide because they didn't have Christianity in their culture. This is suggesting that Christianity is the only right way. I don't think so but I am becoming more and more Christian. While I don't know many other things about other religions but for me Christianity also teaches you how to be a good human being, repent sins, be peaceful to your enemies and many more. In a sense I am a Christian skeptic. Some of the things that priests said were personal opinions rather than things written in the Bible. Mind that you Bible has many people that interpret it slightly differently!!! This adds even more complexity. Untold things people think up themselves. This makes sense. This is so called conjecture based reasoning or projections where a person will interpret unknown and missing information in favor of it’s own desires and beliefs. In Polish we say: “co gluchy nie uslyszy to zmysli” - which means what a deaf person cannot hear they will conjure up. I met also various people that follow Hinduism, some of them claimed they know the truth, others didn’t. Now I tend to trust more the ones that don’t know the truth. Having said that, I cannot 100% believe a priest so you should definitely not believe me! :) It is up to you really. That is why we were born with reason and illogicality to be able to merge those things together. A merge is somewhat troublesome and time and intelligence is necessary to reveal meaning of illogicality. I would resort more to reason though because emotions and things that come are somewhat arbitrary. A marriage of both can be amazing and horrible, you can also think of literal marriage between a man and a woman. This can create a total differentiability, one person is driven by reason another by spirituality. Totally opposite leanings. Despite what you may think, I do actually resort to illogical thinking and am driven by my subconscious thinking sometimes, as long as it is not too risky and the consequences are irreversible or not that scary for me. I do have whims from time to time, like I strongly feel I need to do something and I do it but I think many many many times before I make a decision that is often irreversible and forever, like break up with a partner or leaving the company. Some people however - break up and they come together, leave the company - see it was a bad decision and try to come back to the previous one. In fact some people think that you should kill for love, so you should break up with someone just to see if they really love you or to control them. Recently, in the UK there was a poster of a woman - “I kill for love”. By breaking up a person can exploit’s another person’s victim’s complex and can manipulate that person. It is a dangerous game because if you do it to a psycho, someone that cannot see the difference between the feeling and reality they may actually come to kill you. A woman should be afraid what games she plays because the weapon you use to kill, may be the weapon you die from. They probability is quite low for this but it is possible. This reminds me of the movie Broken Embraces - Almovodar movie, where Penelope Cruz leaves the guy and he eventually pushes her from stairs. She is a naughty one and likes to play games but she is also quite lazy as a person and indifferent to suffering of a human being. A true evil in disguise if you think about it.

Sometimes when we leave, we leave forever with no intention of coming back but I wouldn't burn bridges unless they are a really bad bridges, depends to what they are bridges and how much the person that let you down can cause damage in your future life. If they did treachery, apply your moral standards to a treachery but try not to be too horrible. That is what I think. Others often the ones that also have biased moral standards do not judge others.

“Nie sądźcie, a nie będziecie sądzeni; nie potępiajcie, a nie będziecie potępieni; odpuszczajcie, a będzie wam odpuszczone.”

More here [In Polish]:

translates to... “don’t judge, so you will not be judged, don’t condemn and you will not be condemned, forgive so that you will be forgiven”

Well, it is hard to know what to do, I don’t always know. I try emotions not to take over me in making a decision. Usually the future relation to a person shows me whether it was a good decision or in a case of a company - the next one I join to - whether I feel comfortable there.

Even Bible contains very complex events to explain - like Sodom and Gomorrah, why would God punish so many people. It almost appears like it is evolutionary - evolution also kills beings, but except for bad moral acts evolution kills weaker. Can you see the difference? Evolution destroys the weaker ones and God destroys the not obedient ones. So if there is just evolution and there is God, there is no way to know the difference. The God is truly undetectable on a larger scale. If you can see miracles of Him in your life but no one would ever proof the God, so God will always be subjective and maybe this is the way it should be - considering that free will is the most important and freedom for all of us. I would actually wish sometimes I had less freedom than I have and would prefer to be more obedient to Christian way. At least this is what I think now. Today. I am leaning back to Christianity, who knows maybe to come back to something else in the future. Even I cannot predict myself - even though I consider myself to be a person of a fairly stable beliefs. Maybe that part of me is the seeker - the seeker of the impossible to find truth.
In polish we say - “you learn all life and you die stupid”.

Quest for the truth - is not an easy quest - in fact, it is an impossible quest to find out the truth but honestly quite adventurous and shapes one’s world’s view. I can have more experience to say smart things... as opposed to practice racism, be indifferent to things and people, sexism, ignorance and specism, etc.

While a bit off topic, I genuinely think that we are naturally GOOD or BAD but over the course of our life we can change, from bad we become good, from good we become bad. It is a hard work and many people are lazy to change. Maybe the ones that are good should lean to badness and the ones that are good should lean to goodness? Well, this is what happens in relationships very very often - falling in love is differential - which means a good person falls in love in a devil and hopes that the devil will change. The devil maybe hopes the good person will change, so they hope all their life and who knows maybe some of them do change? A Polish Priest Tischner said that suffering will enrich you, so pain you experience in love - inevitable pain can change you or the partner in some way. This is what Jung wrote: ”Against an impossible love, one should wait and see the meaning of it.” Impossible love is the differential love, where people can only change through love but that is not guaranteed. I observed that people did change in love in long term relationships in some ways, in others they didn’t. So it works partially but good that it works at all!
Naturally it makes sense for the natural bad person change into a good person, as opposed to opposite! That is what I think. The badness should be obedient to goodness but they may fight from time to time. Unfortunately - necessary fights. Who wins? The stronger.... oh let’s be strong then because no one likes sissies :) That part is truly evolutionary - in evolution the stronger one wins and concept of a game in relationship emerges :( I personally don’t like love games.

So don’t trust the truth. I don’t claim I am the truth. Knowing the truth would require one to be 100% that one can predict the future events and whether they are good decisions. I don’t think anyone can claim it, people maybe can claim various percents. At this stage I may oscillate around 1-5% in certain aspects of my life. Obviously, it is not something I can mathematically calculate, more like feeling.

I don’t know the truth in life. I just have an opinion. Do you know the truth? Doubt anything. Doubt yourself and doubt others. Wait and see what is the meaning behind everything in the future. Try to predict the future as much as you can and make wise choices. This is my motto.

If there is no truth but there is only a pointer to the truth, what is your truth and you seeking the truth may change over time for you. You should learn to accept it and always understand why it has changed. It requires you to be reflective.

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