Thursday, 21 October 2010

Are you a dormant sadist?

Sadism is more subtle than you think. "Sadism comes with a goofy smile, some sleazy glitter and a cackle."

In Milgram experiment, under power of the authority, 65!!!!% of people went all the way to the highest VOLTAGE to condition students".

What I have observed is something totally scary but I have no proof for that at all. It is only based on my personal life experience and partially generalization effort. There are psychological types that will have higher probability to consciously inflict pain than others. Red and Yellow types have higher probability to inflict pain than Blue and Green types. I don’t exactly know why but I think a lot boils down to brain and the neuroscience. Did you know that high levels of oxytocin will mean that you will feel more empathy towards other beings? Green types have naturally high levels of oxytocin, where as Red and Yellow types don’t. They have more testosterone. People are often blends, so for instance a Yellow and Green type will have some bits of oxytocin. This is all about natural empathy. There is also something like conscious empathy, which means through education, intelligence you can become more empathetic. Conscious actions can fix any subconscious actions pretty much. The problem is that subconscious actions account for more than half of your actions and less than a half are conscious. This will mean that more often you will behave the way your subconsciousness is telling you rather than your consciousness. This is important to understand because it means it is hard to fix yourself even if you try. Realization of the problem is 50% of the solution though. Some people don’t think they have a problem, so they cannot solve it.

On the other hand, just to show you that I try to be as little prejudiced as possible, if you take a look at Roman Catholic way of bringing up children in Poland between 1900-2000, you will notice that priests and nuns were very strict to pupils. Priests are often blue and nuns are often green. That would be against my theory of yellow and red being the only source of bad on this planet. Pupils were beaten with a rubber, they were forced to stand in the corner and many more. It is really hard to know how to bring up children but that is topic for another blog post - once I gather some opinions and bring up a child myself, which may take me a few years...

Are you scared of yourself? You should be. Doubt yourself and control the dormant sadist in you. Never let power of authority forget about humanity and who you truly are. The power of authority can be very powerful... 65% of population is more than half and psychiatrists were asked a question on how many percents will go all the way to the highest voltage and the answer was 1%...

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