Saturday, 6 November 2010

To love something or Someone?

Accidentally, I went to Sex and the City fan page on facebook and what I have read truly scared me. Ok, I don’t like it but then again my opinion is probably useless anyway because if it has so many followers than I am not going to change the world, am I?

"4,614,687 people like this"

If you know what sort of people like Sex and the City, then you will know that they are liked by yellow people. People who are superficial and are not scared to say that. People who are glib, like to play games, lie, despise, control and usually look very sexy and attractive. Those same people are usually also totally charming and sexy as hell. They pay attention to the way they look like a lot. Everyone should really, they just take it one step further than most.

There was one particular quote from sex and the city that I was thinking about -
“You wanna take the only person who's in your life purely for sex, no strings attached, and turn him into a human being? Why?”- Samantha

Another one I saw on facebook written by a yellow girl is:
“If you love something, set it free, it will come back to you - broken”

If it wasn’t enough, another one I heard from a yellow woman - “If only I had time, I would go around and fuck up men’s minds but I don’t have time :(”

You must think I really stumble upon horrible yellow people, well maybe, but I dare to say that 90% of them is like this and 90% is being an optimist as well.

Not all yellow people like Sex and the City but there is a strong correlation between Sex and the City, Lady Gaga and yellowness of a person.

Often these people will be in relationships and will treat another person like an object. It is actually easier like this because loving someone really truly is hard, dangerous and awkward. When you treat someone like an object, it removes all guilt that you may have. After all, why would you feel guilty if you did something bad to an object? You can feel guilty if you treat someone like a human being that feels. If you treat someone like an object, you can suddenly start doing things that you wouldn’t do to a human being that feels and suffers. You can play games, you can despise them, you can treat them badly. Basically, you can be a bitch or a bastard without remorse. Funnily enough those people cling also to themselves in opposite [or same] sex. After reading a book by Helen Fischer - it is quite clear that yellow [explorer] people primarily marry yellow [explorer] people. That means that they often both tend to treat themselves badly and often relationship is about stealth manipulation. As psychologists say, often active inflicted cruelty removes sense of guilt from a human being. It numbs the person even more. A guy will claim he is busy and has no time, woman will pretend she doesn’t want to have sex or even that she needs some time for her own her now. One will try to put themselves first, and another one will do the same. Putting themselves first as I wrote in previous blog entries - is the most subtle way to despise someone.

It is about lying, pretending and games. So how can you have a real intimacy between people in such situations - you can’t. What is truly horrible is that you can also FAKE intimacy!!! When I realized this I was shocked, I have never thought intimacy could be faked. Obviously, it is never as black and white as I describe it. There are shades of gray but basically, intimacy is much more serious for introverts than for extroverts.

I have noticed that in general introverts tend to treat other people like human beings and extroverts tend more like objects. Often extroverts expect subconsciously to be treated like an object as well. They will never admit it, but when they find a perfect guy or perfect girl - the one that has no flaws and loves them - they freak out. They don’t want to be loved back. Messed up, huh?

I found an interesting comment of one woman on the Internet that was a review of a book:
“I am recently separated from my husband. He used to worship me but for some reason I just didn't feel the same for him. He was perfect in every aspect, but I couldn't love him the same way back. I ALWAYS had doubts about my feelings for him, but because HE loved me so much, I ended up settling. Now he went the other way... says he doesn't want to be married, doesn't know what he wants, and I started to freak out and convinced myself he was the man of my dreams.”

Later on she writes:
“My husband is playing a lot of games with me, just as men do in the dating world, and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. After reading the writer's wife chapter, I was reminded that love should be easy. There shouldn't be any rules. The Rules have to happen naturally. You aren't available because you REALLY have stuff to do and other things to think about.”

I could almost say for 90% that a yellow woman wrote this.

Why people play games and manipulate. Because it works. If you have no moral qualms and know how to do it intelligently, this will drive a person mad and you can make them love you a lot! You can only do it, as long, as they don’t realize, have a thing for you, if they do realize this - they accept games to be played upon them. You cannot play games to someone that realizes what is happening and doesn’t accept them. After all, everyone is free and a person can always go their separate way. Also games can hurt and you can hurt someone so much that they won’t be able to easily trust you again. In a sense brutal love games are for insensitive people or the ones that are not afraid to suffer in the name of something - not sure what?

You may ask, why is there such a fundamental difference between the way introverts tend to love and extroverts and does it mean all introverts are wonderful and all extroverts are that bad. No of course not. First of all, what is bad for one person is not necessarily bad for another one. Extroverts often have biased moral system to their own needs, which means that they perceive badness differently or can always explain something that is perceived as bad and still do it. If you think about this really deeply - they way they subconscious mind operates is different. This is what truly separates introverts and extroverts, vastly different subconsciousness.

If I slate all yellow and red people so much, is it possible to meet one of them that will have strong moral system. Yes, being religious, christian and vegetarian helps. It just improves the score - it is still unclear how possible is to completely remove their vices. Psychologists think vices of human beings are innate 50% and 50% they are acquired through life experiences and how they have developed their moral system over the course of their life.

Playing games and being bad in general is driven by one primarily problem known to all human beings - appreciation of goodness is difficult. Goodness is boring and badness is exciting. Love that is NOT returned is INITIALLY stronger.

So what happens? Everyone subconsciously [unless they know how to correct it] goes for bad people.

Many people therefore go for other people that treat them like objects! That is why so many people fall for this sick psychological mechanism. Learn to correct it, learn the science of psychology.

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