Friday, 12 November 2010

Why yellow [Explorer] vegetarians are also manipulative, cruel and often merciless

If you get to know explorers [yellow] people a lot, you will understand that most of them [if not all] like to play either love games subconsciously or consciously. Love games are acceptable for some people to a certain degree but there is a point which many people have - threshold of acceptability - beyond acceptability. The threshold changes over time and also varies on the time of day.

I used to think that if someone is an explorer or explorer/negotiator [yellow/green] is vegetarian they will stop themselves from playing games and stealth manipulation. This was rooted in thinking that if love games do indeed hurt another human being then an individual that does not want to harm any beings, including human beings - will stop himself/herself from doing so. It turns out, that our innate subconscious type is so strong that those people will not stop themselves from playing games even though they may inflict serious pain. Their egoistic need to put themselves first and in a subtle or not so subtle way despise another being is so high that it overrides even their own beliefs about being merciful. For me it was a shock. As some people know -> love can lead to a serious war between egos and often people will not stop themselves from anything to fight for their dignity and respect. Despite Geneva convention in war, in love games, for some almost all weapons and strategies are permissible. Ego in a person = Evil, so love games are often an evil vs an evil war. The more intensive the feeling the more devilish the war will be!

You will ask, but how is this possible? You see, it is. First of all, the way a brain of an explorer [yellow] works is different, so for them suffering is not as intensive as for introverts. If they have never been able to feel what is in someone else’s brain - they think it is fairly harmless to play hard core games. They are also high sensation seekers, which means that they will play the game not only for the other person but also for themselves. After all, they don’t know the outcome of the game and the other person upon which the game is played is unpredictable -> thus eventually the one that plays with a weapon may be the person dying from the same weapon. That is the price and price is often very high, we are talking about months or years of investment in a relationship. The longer the investment, the more dangerous it is and the more thrills those people will have when they play. Another one is that explorers actually believe that their freedom to do what they want is above any person’s needs, therefore they should have any right to leave the person when they want and then expect to be accepted when they want to come back. This is fact is subconsciously treating a person like an object, which is something I have covered in my blog post: “To love something or Somebody”.

I once realized that to be with an explorer girl a man needs to be even better manipulator than they are. The manipulation can be either stealth - when it is invisible for the person and not stealth - when it is botched and is so blantantly obvious that one is laughing how botched job the manipulator has done.

Vegetarian explorers are the most ambivalent or impossible type one can find, because they are moral [veggie way of living] and amoral [conscious or subconscious] at the same time.

It turns out that suffering in love often makes this love stronger in the long term and that is why I think explorers [yellow] people play games. It may make it stronger for them but not necessarily for the other person. It is quite clear from this - that explorers should be with explorers and it is indeed the case. They marry each other above statistical average [Helen Fischer].

Last but not least, the absolutely must component for a relationship to work in the long term is mutual respect and compassion and it turns out that one seems to be the hardest to get from an explorer/negotiator

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