Saturday, 13 November 2010

To be in love with one’s free will [freedom]

If I can blame myself - that would be being moral and often judgmental; blaming others sometimes for their own vices and forgetting about my own. No, I am not an angel. No one is, set of our vices vary though and one vice for another person is an advantage for another one.

On 11th November 2010 there was a special day for me and for many of us - the remembrance day. For me it was special not because of remembrance day but never mind. For me, number 11 is a special number actually. This is for many reasons and since this blog is public and this is quite private matter I will keep it to myself.

P. Coleho wrote a very interesting post on 11th November from his book - 11 Minutes. It was about a bird and a cage.

Now, if you think about this what we may love about other people is their freedom, the fact that we have no way to predict their behaviour. Yellow people [explorers] love their freedom so much that they are willing to pay often high price for it. They want to be loved for their freedom and they want to be happy at all costs to them and others. Perhaps in the long term some of us tend to love the most is our free will. Often one person abandons another person for them to come back later on or not, later on another one may abandon the other one, etc. Total unpredictability. In general there is lots of break ups and abandoning each other! Is it the way to go? I don’t know, not for me actually - because I think compassion and caring for each other should be no 1. That is in direct conflict with free will and one sided or two sided abandonment.

Abandonment has many roots and reasons, often it is because the way relationship is working is not ideal for an individual or both. When a person had something in the past that was better, they yearn to the past feelings. So when a person leaves - they cause the other one to love them / hate them - this is because as I stated some of us tend to love one’s freedom. Also, we feel we were not good enough, like a rotten apple that is chucked away, like a teddy bear that is no longer needed. Love or affection that is not returned tends to be strong if someone idealizes the other person too much and cannot see their vices. So it is messed up but you don’t have to Einstein [like me not] to notice it yourself :)

Abandoning someone is often equal to killing them and betrayal, the pain that ego and pain body feels is often unbearable. The more insensitive one is - the better, the less important the person is - the better, the more one is prepared to live on one’s own - the better, the more friends one has - the better, the stronger one is - the better, the more extroverted brain one has - the better.

This reminds me of a song by Sade - Soldier of Love:

In many respect when one leaves another the act of doing so can be felt as a shoot from a gun in the heart with blood drilling - just like in action movies.

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