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Why extroverts are in a privileged position in romantic relationships

If you have read books on psychological types then you know that many extroverts (red+yellow) do admit that they have two sided nature, on one hand they are good and on another hand they admit they are bad. This badness can mean many things but often it means that they are egoists and have tendencies to manipulate and stealth cruelty. This is especially the case, when they are so called mixed types, e.g. yellow + green and red + blue. They are two-faced people, naturally. Actually women often reveal it first, they say, I am an angel and a devil - all in one. I have never heard it from introverts that they would be both good and bad, introverts tend to be more naturally good. Everyone can change their attitude over time towards being bad but naturally I think they are good, closer to the ideal of pure goodness. Quite often they change the attitude after encounters with extroverts and when they have been betrayed.

Cloisters are for introverts, not extroverts

It should not be a surprise that many introverts end up in cloisters, blue priests and green nuns. Contrary, to this people that should end up in cloisters are the ones that don’t end up there, red and yellow people. Instead they have various other businesses. Due to simple logical calculation - it is fare to assume - that at least one of them is in more than 50% of families. They can can use their innate manipulative skills. Cloisters are also way too boring for sensation seekers - such as red and yellow people, they would never be able to pray all day and kneel without very strong devotion. Since so many extroverts lean to have a family - it is not a surprise that eventually people divorce.

Chemistry, is it an absolute must?

While this is very subjective I think in general we think that extroverted people are more sexually attractive, models are extroverted often with charming looks and disarming voice. There are people that will not be able to be in relationships with other people when they do not feel chemical attraction to another person, others do not have issues with that. What I have observed is that extroverts are attracted to introverts and extroverts - chemically. They fall in love and are in love with the other extroverted person as well as introverted people. Introverts, however, are not chemically attracted to introverts even though they may be so called soul mates, instead they are attracted only to extroverts or people who are both extroverted and introverted (blended types). This means that introverts, if you think about this are in less privileged position because they are not attracted to each other but only to extroverts. They don’t have as many people to choose from. This observation is following talking with a few introverts and listening to what they want and why they chose people they chose rather than others. Introverts are attracted not only on chemical level [two bodies close together exchanging pheromones] but also on a psychological level. The brain of an extrovert is able to process love related emotions much more easily than an introvert, thus making extroverts naturally dominating over introverts. The only way to combat that natural domination is if one is stronger, which pretty much boils down to one extrovert being with another extrovert or an introverted man being much older than an extroverted girl.

Extroverts are risk takers and often insensitive

What you may have also noticed is that yellow and red people are often controlling and they don’t have moral qualms to play love games of various kind, they often admit that it is you have to play games. Since they have so many people falling for them - they are not afraid of the risk - thinking that they will always find somebody. Actually there is a strong correlation between level of intelligence and ability to stealth manipulate in an intelligent manner. Imagine that being spotted is considered to be a failure so one has to use amazing knowledge to do it intelligently. It is actually not that hard if one reads books on the market about manipulation and has some experience applying it. Perfection takes time tough. If a victim is also fairly stupid and does not know science of psychology and what dangers are awaiting in the forrest - the manipulator/perpetrator can have a lot of fun with the victim. Cruelty requires one to be insensitive to one’s pain - and often the way a brain of extroverted person works is that they are indeed insensitive to pain.

Extroverts are lazy

Attraction that all other colours feel to extroverts make them naturally lazy. When you get many job offers while you have a good job, you start ignoring job offers and last thing you have on your mind is to work on yourself to change yourself, to improve yourself. After all, why would you want to do that if you can easily have a new job? The same situation happens with beautiful extroverts and their love life.

Life is totally unfair and why it favours liars and powerful brains

One thing that I couldn’t quite grasp after reading one psychological book - was why yellow and red men that are less sensitive than blue and green people - marry quicker. Inequality in relationships is not even so much based on how we look like, how attractive we are physically but also what sort of brain we were born with, what are the prevalent hormones in our brain. This that evolution and nature favours power and strength. It is not a surprise that power is chosen over weakness. Power, however, comes at the cost, extroverts often hide their real feelings of affection and it is likely to meet one that lies about their feelings as a way to control and exercises power over an individual. Both men and women tend to lean to powerful characters - as long as they can feel - “the thing” - for them. That thing is a love map compatibility, every person has a love map and to find a person that would share our love map is really hard - this is sometimes referred to as soul mating. Thus, if a person feels or has felt a “thing” for both an introvert and extrovert, it is fair to assume that a person will choose an extroverted person - unless an individual already understands and has experience with negative traits of extroverted people. In that sense - following one’s heart is actually bad - because we follow the power and leaning to power is not favouring long term happiness and unity of two people. That is blindness of love and one should put corrective glasses of knowledge to correct it for the long term happiness.

Stealth manipulation works but... knowledge is your friend

How this power of extroverts is achieved is both through natural leaning to extroversion and through act of manipulation. If you do study some horrible psychological manipulation that can be done to a human being then you know that if you do not have moral qualms you can make another person totally dependant on you, you can make them to have compulsive obsessive thoughts about you - to the point of emotional exhaustion. Tests like that have been done on rats and pigeons and often they collapsed from exhaustion after a few sessions of psychological torture. There is a strong correlation between torture and seduction, if one does not have moral qualms and knows psychological tricks. Hard core love games can therefore be considered to be act of emotional torture. Needless to say, what is perceived as torture and the strength depends on how an individual likes another individual, how sensitive an individual is and last but not the least how knowledgeable and skilled an individual is to protect himself/herself from vicious acts. The protection can be done by reading books on the matter of manipulation, understanding when they are performed and eventually training at home or with a psychotherapist to resist acts of torture when they happen. Psychologists offer training set for interested people.

How to correct this, if you want to

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